Weight Reduction

Sence Im trying to make the TA as fast as I can I decided to take as much weight off of it as I can my car isnt really a daily driver anymore so Im taking just about everything off of the car heres what I got to so far and at the end of the page I will have a list of the weights of everything that I pulled, the Tubular K member and A arms seen here was just one of the things I did heres some more


ABS Delete,

I took the ABS out of the car and added a line lock and a valve so that I can cut back the rear brakes if I want to


A/C Delete

Pic of some of the parts I pulled off and the delete pully

HVAC box

this one I was really deciding on if I wanted to pull it out but sence I dont drive it in the winter I went ahead and did it knowing I needed to take the weight off the car

Air Bag Delete

you can see the passanger air bag on the floor with all the heater parts above that I pulled out I went with a Grant steering wheel for the driver side

Battery Shut Off



Weights as of so far


Stock A Arms Upper each- 4.5 lbs

tubular Spohn chrome MolyA arms- 3.75 lbs

= 1.5 lbs both sides


Stock lower A Arms- 13

Spohn Lowers Mild Steel- 9.5

= 7 lbs both sides


Stock K member- 54 lbs

PA racing K Mild Steel- 22

= 32 lbs


AC condencer- 8.5

AC dryer and hose- 2.5

A/C compresser- 16.5

= 27.5 for A/C delete not including the evaparator in the HVAC box


ABS- 12.5


Upper Dash insulator Pad- 3.5

Heater Box- 18 lbs

Heater core- 2 lbs

Heater Duct- 8 lbs

= 31.5 lbs


Passanger Air bag- 10 lbs


Driver Air Bag and steering wheel- 10 lbs

Grant steering wheel- 2.5 lbs

= 7.5 lbs


cruise control- 3 lbs


Stock seats 100 lbs

kirkey race seats 60 lbs

= 40 lbs


stock wheels 55 lbs each= 220 lbs

centerline telstars fronts 30 lbs rear 40 lbs= 140 lbs

total= 80 lbs




Total so far 242.5 lbs