Fuel & Spark controls

my first major problem when I started to look into my car was programing for this new set up, with this being a 93 it has a prom chip that has to be burned, that would take to much time to get the right settings by mail order programers and no one around here can burn chips, my next problem is that I need atleast 48 lb/hr injectors for this motor set up now and probably more later, the biggest high impedance injectors there is is 48s so the stock computer was going to be maxed, so I decided to get an accel DFI system for on there, that solved my problems, now I can just go to a dyno and change what ever I need to on site with a laptop


I mounted the brain inside my AC delete plate to keep it out of the weather and heat from the weather.


New F.A.S.T. 65 lb/hr injectors

Aeromotive A1000 regulator and modified fuel rails


Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump