Project Stang Eater

This Project is coming very slowly but im getting there, Im building a 383 with LT1 heads Ported to the max and an ATI Procharger, Im doing as much as I can as money allows me to.So far I got a Eagle 4340 forged Light Weight crank, Manley connection rods and SRP pistons, I will post more pics of the engine parts later on as I get more.



Heres some pics of my heads I machined them out for bigger valve seats, Im putting in 2.055 intake and 1.625 exhust valves, you can see in some of the pics that we machined the head bolt holes as well and put chromoly tube in there and ported till we hit it that way the ports are as big as I can get them.

LT1 Block


couple of pics of the block and the new splayed 4 bolt main caps, 2 pics of what you need to clearance as well for the bigger stroke crank

pics of my block being decked and honed with the torque plate on there

Starting to mock the motor up to check clearances.

Crank Balancing

All I have to say is I will never buy another Eagle part again, I have more time into this crank than anything else in my motor, First problem was that the counter weights werent clearanced enough to clear the skirts on the pistons so I had to clearance them, next problem is where I had to take the weight off to clearance it for the pistons we had to add weight when we spun it up, so we had to mill it out and add a slug in there, also when we balanced it we noticed that the crank is made so thin in some places it actually lets it flex, if it wouldnt be for me having so much time into this crank I would be getting a diffrent one but this one is ready to go now.



Pics of the Crank Pistons and Rods

Eagle 4340 light weight crank

Manley H beam rods with ARP bolts

SRP forged 31cc dished pistons

Comp Cams Extreme energy blower cam

224/236 .536/.555 114LSA